Minerals Empire



Minerals Empire has established itself as a leading pioneer in the mineral’s exploration of Industrial Minerals We have redefined quality and performance standards with consistency and effectual results.

The Lamellarity and Purity of our minerals are the key factors which gives us a competitive edge over the other options available in the global market. 


Pakistan is host to some of the best mineral deposits in the world, which are now being brought forth by our company Minerals Empire. With our own mines, each exhibiting a unique and diverse quality. We have made a systematic and well-defined strategy to plan & sort out different grades of ores. Each ore sample is then carefully selected and analyzed on site, in terms of their Chemical & Physical properties and then rechecked at our main Laboratory in Karachi, Pakistan.


Our mission is to maintain our market leadership and make advancement through innovative and proactive approach in the field and direct all our energies towards this goal. We believe in continuous development and forward thinking in all aspects of our business through competitive pricing, quality products and maintaining a high ethical standard.